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Storelli BodyShield Goalkeeper Sliders 2

$79.95 $90.00


Storelli BodyShield Goalkeeper Sliders 2


The pitch can be an unforgiving place for goalkeepers. The BodyShield goalkeeper slider shorts 2 by Storelli Sports provides maximum protection against bumps, bruises and turf burns while offering a high level of flexibility that does not hinder movement. Its design also minimizes bunching up due to the new bend lines

The molded EVA foam on the shorts lets the goalkeepers play on the toughest of surfaces without the fear of injury. Comfort and breathability are heightened by the high-quality moisture wicking fabric that molds to the shape of the body. Stealth, lightweight and impact-resistant, the slider shorts meet the needs of goalkeepers by the confidence to command their box in practice and in game.

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