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The 1st Half - A Certain Style of Life

At The 1st Half , all things soccer culture live rent free, shaping a unique lifestyle "A Certain Style of Life" — with a North American twist.

From the fashion that defines us, the music that moves us, and the art that speaks for us—football's influence is profound and pervasive. Paul Desbaillets, our founder and host, invites you to explore this rich cultural tapestry.

Futbol is our passion, lifestyle, our canvas. Follow us to blend soccer with your style of life.

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Community Over Everything



The 1st Half Culture Show with Host Paul Desbaillets


"All Things Soccer Culture — Our Game, Our Spin!"


The 1st Half Culture Show is a unique video podcast series that explores the profound impact of football on North American culture. Hosted by restaurateur and footy culture junkie Paul Desbaillets, this series unites football enthusiasts to discover how the beautiful game influences fashion, art, music, and food. Featuring visits to local neighborhoods and businesses, and interviews with chefs, athletes, artists, and tastemakers, it delves into street art and local scenes. The show provides a vibrant glimpse into how futbol merges with daily life and creativity. 


Join us for a unique North American perspective on football.

New Episodes drop the first Monday of every month wherever you get your podcasts, and on YouTube. 

Catch us LIVE on TSN690 MTL or the iHeartradio Canada app every Friday at 6pm EST