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White Angels: Beckham, Real Madrid & The New Football The Inside Story by John Carlin



Beyond race, faith, politics, class, sex, or age, football is the great global religion. One of the most striking aspects of the early twenty-first century is how the popularity of a game invented 150 years ago has recently exploded, attracting millions of new devotees. Women everywhere are flocking to the game, and the previously unconverted nations of China and Japan are now in the throes of football madness. In the United States soccer has become the scone most popular sport played by teenagers, topped only by basketball. At the epicentre of this vast but benevolent explosion are David Beckham and the team he joined in 2003, Real Madrid. No sportsman in the world provokes more wide-spread fascination than the the British football player with the film-star looks. No sports team anywhere exudes more glamour, has won more competitions or possesses a more dazzling collection of superstars than Real Madrid. The fusion of the two has gripped the face of the world's favourite sport, igniting a fierce athletic debate about "The New Football," a debate that pits beauty against efficiency, style versus strategy. White Angels looks at how David Beckham's transfer took place, the machinations and intrigue behind the landmark deal. It exhaustively details Beckham's sirs year at Real and how he fared on the field alongside such legendary stars as Figo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Raúl, and Ronaldo And it illuminates with entertaining analysis and behind-the-scenes anecdotes, the irresistible appeal of the world-wide phenomenon.

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