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Storelli BodyShield Abrasion Slider Shorts - White

$34.95 $70.00


Storelli BodyShield Abrasion Slider Shorts

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Soccer sliding shorts armored with proprietary anti turf burn hip protection materials to give you confidence when sliding and tackling on any surface.

The BodyShield abrasion sliders shorts by Storelli Sports shields the body from cuts and turf burns on different pitch surfaces (synthetic, gym floor). It is designed with SABR-Tex technology (Stretchy Anti-Abrasion Textile) and features thin, breathable mesh panels made with sweat-wicking compression fabric.

Stealth and lightweight, it offers maximum protection without impeding movement. The anti-bacterial treatment used on the sliders eliminates bad odors and stops germs from infecting the skin. It also includes a front pocket to insert a protective cup if needed.

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