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Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes by Anita Bean



How to harness the power of good nutrition to excel in athletic performance. Sports nutrition goes far beyond orange slice son the sidelines. In order to achieve their full potential at the rink, in the pool, or on the field, young athletes need to ensure that they bodies are being fuelled properly. Children have different needs than adults when it comes to nutrition, and Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes has been carefully researched in order to satisfy the need for a nutrition book specifically for school-aged children. Along with easy, delicious and nutritious recipes, parents and coach swill find guidance and advice on: weight and sports performance, the nutritional needs of young athletes, kinds and usefulness of supplements, eating plans and competition eating strategies. Whether playing recreationally or competitively, Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes will prove a valuable tool in designing programs to ensure the good health, and peak physical conditioning for the next Sidney Crosby, Hope Solo, or Aaron Rodgers.  

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