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RG Onar Goalkeeper Gloves



RG Onar goalkeeper gloves 

Palm: Blue Giga German Latex, set on a roll hybrid +TOUCH cut. Great abrasion resistance and outstanding performance in most of the conditions, with its extremely soft touch enhances ability to catch the ball at modern goalkeeper requirement. Special thumb construction over and under wrap gives perfect ergonomic fit to thumb.

Finger Protection: NONE

CutA Roll Hybrid Cut. 

Backhand: German Embossed Foam with high density. With its unique colors it offers comfortable punching at all stages prominent.

Closure: Long Wrist Elastic, engineered with a unique way to adjust to a goalie’s needs. It has the ability to adjust the wrist with this elastic at its most powerful method which not just secures the wrist but also boosts the confidence level due to its ergonomic engineered method. Adding a perfect single strap for the best possible adjustment on the wrist.

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