Flexvit Mini Band - Basic Pre-pack (3)



This pre-pack comes with our 3 bands with the least resistance.


The FLEXVIT Mini offers the whole range of common applications (“loops”) for exercising bands. What separate it from it's competitors are the newly developed qualities of the material, including the improved haptic, tear resistance,

outstanding robustness, and ability to wash it.


With the help of the FLEXVIT Mini you can especially strengthen smaller muscle groups that are very important for the whole body structure. This is key to minimizing the risk of injury and supporting lasting performance development in any sport.


- The material offers great haptic properties, without losing the advantages of rubber

- Eco-certification

- Very robust and tear-resistant, through patented production technology

  (won’t even rip because of cuts or holes)

- Soft on the skin, no pulling or pinching of skin or body hair and it will not roll up

- Woven cover avoids exposure of the rubber to the skin (no allergic reactions)

- Washable (up to 60° C)

- Made in  Germany

-12 Month Warranty



Exercises for stabilization and activation of muscles and muscle chains
° Various usage in functional fitness, rehab and athletic workout


° Physical therapists and rehab trainers
° Personal trainers
° Fitness and athletic coaches (team and individual sports)
° Any kind of athlete

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