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Babysitting George: The Last Days of a Soccer Icon by Celia Walden



As a young reporter, Celia Walden receives an unusual assignment: track down a global superstar and keep him away from all other journalists. That man is soccer player George Best, who mad egis debut for Manchester United at age seventeen and was the star of a star team throughout the 1960s. Enormously skilled and ruggedly handsome, idolized by men and women alike, he was referred to as "the fifth Beatle" and earned a firm place among the world's all -time best players. But in 2003, George Best is nearing sixty and deteriorating like a much older man. A notorious alcoholic and philanderer; he has just received a liver transplant and his wife has left him. He doesn't need another journalist on his back. Yet as Celia's assignment to "babysit George stretched over months, an unlikely, uneasy sort of friendship develops. Walden's account explores the exploitative heart of tabloid journalism, the terrifying nature of addiction, and the implausible meetings that can change one's life.

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