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Arsenal: The Official Biography by Steve Stammers



On Christmas Day in 1886 an enthusiastic group of munitions workers me in a pub to discuss their future as a football team following their first game - a 6-0 victory in a boggy field on the Isle of Dogs. They decided to call themselves Royal Arsenal and unwittingly started a chain of events that would touch the loves of millions of people worldwide. This is the story of Arsenal as never told before. It provides the complete and fascinating story of the birth, development and life of a football club that has seen some incredible highs and lows. It examines themes of passion and tradition, isolates key moments that have influenced Arsenal's fate and ties together the stories of characters who have figured so prominently in its history. This is the 'warts and all' story of a club that has been at the vanguard of innovation and has featured in so many of the game;s seminal moments, More than just a match-by-match history, this book gives you the complete picture of how Arsenal cam to be North London's most successful and fascinating side.

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