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Got To Stick ‘Em All

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Posted on May 16 2018

Got To Stick ‘Em All:
Panini Adds To The World Cup 2018 Fever With Its Latest Sticker Album

Every four years, 32 nations fight tooth and nail to wrap their hands around the famous gold-sculpted Jules Rimet trophy. A lengthy, strenuous qualification process per confederation where only the lucky few can book their flights to the host country of FIFA’s most prestigious tournament. Similarly, you can say that the quest to complete the popular Panini sticker album is just as tough yet equally as fulfilling once officially done.

Panini Sticker Album 2018

Since the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, Panini have released their world-famous sticker album to soccer fans across the globe, giving birth to a collection craze for the ages. A creation from the genius minds of the Panini brothers in the early 1960s in Modena, Italy, these highly-sought after stickers of international soccer stars have turned a simple concept into a collector’s dream. With the arrival of their recent 2018 World Cup Russia edition, collecting, trading and selling has become a trifecta of tasks employed by millions to claim the right to say their album is ‘100% complete’.

Older editions have transformed into rare, hard-to-find collectibles. Shopping centers and retail outlets have become home to organized meetups between Panini fanatics to cross off previously missing stickers from their hand-made checklists. The album itself is a colorful sight to behold, spanning 80-pages with each of the 32 countries earning their own two-page spread.  Sold in either a 50-pack box or as individual packs, the choice is yours on how you want to get ahead start on finding every sticker.

Despite the commanding presence of the internet, Panini have jumped the technology train and have used it to their advantage by creating a new experience through their digital sticker album. Although digital has been the way to go for many in this day & age, it is still hard to beat the feeling of tearing open a new pack or swapping your doubles with a friend for that one missing sticker.

Panini Player Stickers World Cup 2018

As the 2018 World Cup approaches, albums will be flying off the shelves for those hungry to begin collecting. Start your sticker hunt today! Panini albums, sticker boxes and individual sticker packs are on-sale now, both online and at our shop.


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